About Idaho Women in Timber

Many Thanks to you!

We would like to take time to appreciate the great sponsors and boosters of our organization.  Without our consistent members who pay their dues and the wonderful supporting associates, we could not accomplish our mission:

Who We Are

Our grass-roots organization made up of all volunteers has been active for over 30 years. You can count on seeing us help educate both the public and elected officials.  We have a unique role in advocating for the wise use of our natural resources to benefit communities, schools, and the creation of jobs.

 Sponsor List - Idaho Women in Timber State Funds

Alpine Industrial
Bruce Baumgartner Trucking
Day Logging Inc
MM&I Logging-Mike Pluid
Ray Timber Harvesting
Sherich Logging
North Idaho Energy Logs, Inc.
Idaho Forest Group
Streetercorp. Inc.
Associated Logging Contractors
The Wreath Farm
Idaho Forest Products Commission grant